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Ahead 5A Drum Sticks

For a drummer, it’s essential to pick drum sticks that fit. The drum sticks should be comfort to hold, prevent fatigue or injury, strong and durable, also of course it sounds great. There are different of drum sticks models and materials in the market today. One of most popular one among the drummers is the ahead 5a sticks. The important feature of these sticks is its capability to reduce vibration, thus the drummer can play longer without fatigue, thanks to alloy core Super-hard polyurethane technology. It is designed ergonomically to fit with the hands and the price is also very affordable.

Amazing View from the Tallest Towers

This time, let’s take a break and enjoy these awesome photos taken from the 5 tallest towers in the world.

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 828 m high.

2. Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo, Japan. 634 m high

3. Abraj Al-Bait Towers (Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower). Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 601 m high.

4. Canton Tower. Guangzhou, China. 600 m high.

5. CN Tower. Toronto, Canada. 553.3 m high

It would be great if someday i can go there and enjoy the views by myself.

Reeds Sells Scott Kay Wedding Bands

Everybody knows Reeds as one of most trusted jewelry store. This company was founded in 1946 and today there are more than 66 retail stores across country. Reeds also establishes an online store to reach more customers and provides the best deal for jewelry. You can find a wide range collections of jewelry and accessories and one of the brand new news is that Reeds sells Scott Kay wedding bands. Scott Kay’s designs are always fascinating, unique and masculine. Find the latest Scott Kay jewelry only at Reeds.

The Reason Why Chocolate is Healthy

According to recent study, researchers found that chocolate can prevent heart disease in two ways, which are by improving flexibility of the arteries, and prevents white blood attaches to the inside of the vessel wall. Both conditions can form plaque, which block the vessels and causes heart disease .

This study involved 44 people of middle-aged. They were given 70 grams of dark chocolate and milk per day during the two periods of four weeks each .

The content of the heart-healthy chocolate that is organic mix called flavanols , which are also found in vegetables , fruits and green tea .

Gerald Weissmann , editor of the FASEB Journal that published the study , said the researchers found there was something in flavanols from dark chocolate that makes people more to like it than milk chocolate .

” In this controlled study , performed for the first time , they give the same amount of flavanols in dark chocolate and plain chocolate . And respondents did not eat the amount of flavanol diets differ in their eating . Yet they eat more dark chocolate because they were more to like it , ” she said .

Researchers evaluated the respondents’ tendency to prefer dark chocolate and asked them to rate the effect of chocolate on their senses of smell and tongue .

PreSonus 8 Channel Preamp

We have discusses a lot of music equipments in this blog and we recommend only high quality products to our readers. Today, is our opportunity to introduce outstanding product for its quality and have chosen by many buyers as one of the best item that they ever purchased. It is a Presonus 8 channel preamp that offering 8 awesome class A XMAX mic preamps. With the technology within, it is significantly boost microphone level signals to produce crystal clear and crisp sounds. With the 30V power, Presonus 8 Channel guarantee to delivers smoother highs and a fuller sound. The price is unbelievable cheap that make it as must buy preamp for every musicians.


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