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VocoPro Wireless Karaoke

My wife is a big fan of Karaoke. She likes to sing her favorite songs loudly. We used to go to cafes and restaurant that provide Karaoke system. But, since we bought VocoPro wireless karaoke, now we can sing in our home. It’s more convenient and we can Karaoke anytime we want. It’s an awesome machine and equipped with an ultimate 100W, 4-speaker Karaoke machine, and wireless mic. The price is very affordable, it’s definitely can save our money since we don’t have to go to Karaoke outside. It’s your chance to be a star and make your dream come true. Show your voices.

4 Health Benefits of Honey

Since centuries honey has been used as medical treatment. Here are the health benefits of honey that you should know:

1. Relieves cough
Honey can be a lifesaver when winter. Based on the study of health in children and adolescents, honey can relieve symptoms of cough and improve the quality of children’s sleep. The study compared the effect of honey against cough suppressant dextrometropan to the 100 children who have the flu.

2. Treat the wound
Honey has long reputation as a healer. It is found in the record of the year 2100-2000 BC in the Sumerian which mentions the function of honey as a medicine and ointments. In addition, honey contain of antibacterial that prevent infection.

3. Remove dandruff
Honey is also known overcome the dandruff and itching caused by fungal. Simply apply a mixture of honey on the scalp every day for several weeks. Itching and sores on the scalp can be cured.

4. Increase energy
There is a misconception that carbohydrates are not good for the body. Indeed, every healthy foods including fruits, vegetables and nuts contain carbohydrate which then converted into glucose to send energy to the cells, tissues, and organs.

Basses Made By Ibanez

If you are looking for a bass guitar that guarantee will give you the most satisfaction then Ibanez guitar should be your choice. This brand is huge! It offers a ton of choices that one of them surely fit with your need and your budget. No doubt that all of Ibanez basses are look great and they definitely sound great. Many professional world class bass players play this awesome instrument, and it’s time for you to feel an extraordinary experience that great players like Fieldy, Sharlee D’Angelo, Paul Gray, and Gary Willis had felt. Get one of basses made by ibanez at musicians friend for lower price today!

Vandoren Baritone Saxophone Reeds

When it comes to choosing high quality saxophone reeds, the brand Vandoren should be on the top of the list. Its name has known by sax players around the world as the finest saxophone reeds. As we know that a reed delicate piece of instrument. It so sensitive and may affect the sound quality of the saxophone. The Vandoren reeds help you to produce pure sound of saxophone and fit with classical and jazz musicians as it is made from top material and perfectly cut. It is a perfect choice whether for students and professionals. Order today for vandoren reeds for baritone sax because you may get the cheapest price.

Energy Drinks Can Cause Health Problems to Teens

Recent research of energy drinks side effects to teens show that excessive consumption of these beverages can cause dangerous side effects, especially when mixed with alcohol.

Energy drinks containing high caffeine. Therefore, these drinks can cause high blood pressure, heart palpitations, obesity, and other health problems.

“These drinks can have serious consequences for adolescents due to high caffeine content and other additives” said Dr. Kwabena Blankson, adolescent health experts.

In a report published in the journal Pediatrics in Review, he concluded some research on energy drinks.

According to a survey in the United States, the teens choose energy drinks as a way to stay awake or more energetic.

For teenagers, the consumption of 100 mg of caffeine every day is categorized as unhealthy. While a can of drink energy such as Red Bull, Monster Energy, or Rockstar contained 160 mg of caffeine.

Responding to various studies on the dangers of energy drinks, The American Beverage Association says caffeine levels in energy drink only half of the amount of caffeine a cup of coffee.

They also mention the levels of caffeine in energy drinks already written on the label. This drink is also not recommended consumed by children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people who are sensitive to caffeine.


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